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Flatbed Buggy is comprised of some of the most highly respected musician/composers on the New York scene - Rudy Royston on drums, Gary Versace on accordion, John Ellis on bass clarinet and saxes, Joe Martin on bass and Hank Roberts on cello! Apart from the unusual instrumentation, the band’s acclaimed sound is achieved by the improvisors compositional approach, evoking cinematic imagery, deep groove, and a joyous celebration of life.

The music's woodsy tones and airy grooves have received great reviews from enthusiastic listeners and critics. Called “a true masterpiece" by, FLATBED BUGGY celebrates the passage of time and journeys taken. Motivated by Royston's memories of childhood in the Texas countryside to an adult life in the concrete surroundings of New York City, the music explores a dizzying array of musical influences and styles under the canopy of jazz.