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Randal Bays and John Coyne bring power and passion to the traditional music of Ireland, playing the old music with an intensity not usually heard outside of a late night pub seisun in Ireland. Fiddle tunes, the reels and jigs that are the hallmark of the Irish tradition, plus a great selection of songs, a few stories, often a guest musician or dancer jumping in… all of this is delivered with a heartfelt wish to share the wild beauty of Irish music with their audience.

Randal Bays lives in Seattle and has been seriously obsessed with Irish fiddle music for… well, let’s say a very long time. He has recorded and toured in the US, Ireland and Europe with Martin Hays, Daithi Sproule, James Kelly, and many more. As FIDDLER Magazine says, “Randal Bays is one of the finest Irish fiddlers one could ever hope to hear.”

John Coyne hails from hails from Limerick, Ireland and has been resident in Boston for some years. His excellent bouzouki playing and fine singing have made him the “first call” accompanist for many great traditional musicians including Mary MacNamara, Mickey Dunne and Frankie Gavin.